Main Activities

MBCC operate as a non-profit association and in a non-political manner by:

  • Promoting and encouraging Malaysian Businesses to establish and maintain the highest standards of business, management and professional practice in order to upkeep the image of Malaysia;
  • Liaising and or intervening with the relevant Cambodian Authorities on behalf of members to assist in resolution of problems facing the Malaysian Business Community, any sector of such community or any business;
  • Sourcing for and or assisting Malaysian Businesses to secure such services, skills or opportunities as may be required to facilitate their establishment or business;
  • Providing a forum for monthly meetings, discussions and inter-action for Malaysian business and governmental personnel in Cambodia;
  • Encouraging Malaysian investment in and fostering relations with the business community in Cambodia;
  • Developing good relations between Malaysian business and Government Departments in Cambodia;
  • Investigating all manner of lawful trade opportunities for Malaysian business in Cambodia;
  • Providing appropriate investment opportunity reports and investment guidelines for Malaysian businesses; and
  • Encouraging and assisting Malaysian institutions and businesses to establish contact with Government Departments in Cambodia with the aim of assisting the education training and employment of the youth of Cambodia.